Clinique’s Pep-Start Range; my new must-haves

Confession: I don’t, well didn’t, have a ‘skincare’ routine. Wash face, remove eye make up (if I can be arsed) and an occasional face mask when I need a pamper was my lot. Until now.

Firstly, let me say I’m not being paid to say this. Any of it.

And I wasn’t gifted the items. I also didn’t pay for them (my pockets aren’t deep enough). I was extremely lucky one weekend about a month ago when, having just had a wonderful lunch of pie and mash in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, I spotted a silver caravan type affair and went in for a demo of the Clinique Pep-start range. I was a little hesitant about the all singing all dancing range, from Clinique whose products are all dermatologically tested and 100% fragrance free (and so suit any skin type) until I tried it. I was even more impressed when I properly tried it. 

There was a free open the box type competition where everyone who went for the demo had to pick a key, over the day four random keys would open the box of goodies down at the Clinique counter at the Boots on Market Square and if yours did, you got the goodies inside for keeps. You see where I’m going with this. So when my little key opened the box I was ecstatic.

Side-note – orange is my favourite colour and I chose the key with the orange silk ribbon – fate? 

The lady at the counter (Bobbie, who was wonderful and – contrary to my, to date, fairly limited experience of make up counter ladies- not at all condescending when she talked me through the best Clinique foundation for me – I haven’t bought it yet, but maybe on payday I will) handed me a glass of Proscecco as she bagged up my winnings. 

So I started using them immediately, that evening. I had won the Pep-start eye cream, the 2 in 1 Exfoliating cleanser, the Quick Cleansing Swipes, the Hydroblur moisturiser and Hydrorush SPF20 moisturiser – pretty lucky, eh? Very lucky since these products would have cost over £100 to buy. 

Having used the scrub every day and night since then I’ve found that, unlike with other scrubs it hasn’t dried my skin. It also doesn’t leave those annoying little beads in the sink (and I guess in the ocean) and even at £16.50 it’s going to be a bathroom must have, probably for the rest of my life. 

I won 2 moisturisers, one with an SPF in (though we haven’t seen much sun). My personal favourite if the 2 is the Hydroblur which doubles up as a primer. I mean, I only started using primer about a year ago but now it’s a must have (and means your selfie can be as good by 7pn as it is when you leave the house. This product is- I’m going there- revolutionary. I love the texture and how it feels on my face. I often find that after a day or so of moisturising I break out, but these products are gentle and I haven’t had that at all. Plus, turns out moisturising (with decent products) actually does wonders for your skin- I’ve been able to leave the house make up less a few times since starting using these.

I also have the roll on eye cream. Tiny criticism with this; the packaging, a little tube with a rounded tip to roll it under your eyes (where you get dark circles after too many late nights), always squeezes a little extra out when I close it. Which will probably mean the cream is used up more quickly than it could be. It’s a small thing but Clinique, if you’re reading this, it’s seriously the only criticism I have so maybe that could be worked on? 

Now, back to the caffeine infused cream itself. Wow. I thought it was a myth, I really did. And, equally, I didn’t really think I had eye bags (I pride myself on getting a LOT of early nights. Jeez, there’s nothing I love more than diving under the feather down with the cats, my wife and a podcast). Turns out I must have had; after a month of using this (actually, after about 2 weeks) my eyes seemed to pop – even without makeup, meaning when I do have make up on they look bigger and less tired. I’ve been recommending this to anyone and everyone.

This is going to end up being an expensive prize given that I’m now a complete Clinique convert. Clinique is the fancy make up and skincare my Mum used to use (she didn’t wear make up every day because, frankly she was absolutely stunning and didn’t need to) but I always thought it was a really classy brand. And I thought it was kind of too grown up for me. But now I want EVERYTHING. It’s worth the investment given that my skin feels better than it ever has using whatever products are on special offer in the supermarket.

Have you tried the Pep start range? What did you think?


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