Vapiano, Manchester; a new dining out experience

​I haven’t been to Vapiano until very recently.

The concept of is that it’s a self service, face to face experience where every diner can enjoy something they’ll love.

The card system (each diner gets a card which is scanned when ordering and pays at the end) rids you of everyone’s worst part of eating out in a group; who had the extra glass of wine? Oh well you had a starter and I didn’t.  Your main was more expensive than mine. Oh, shall we just split it? Pasta is made fresh from scratch every morning  using a bespoke pasta machine, and diners order their bespoke pizza, pasta, antipasti or salad at the corresponding station. The beauty is that you can add- or take away- anything you like so there’s something for literally any taste! 

I had Fungi risotto and added chicken, so yes- you can be as adventurous (or not) as you like. 

There’s also a huge range of coffees, drinks (alcoholic or not) and dolce (dessert), too. I was torn between the Cheesecake (which I’ll have to get next time) and Cioccolata Bianca- white chocolate and cream on a biscuit base topped with salted caramel and honeycomb (which I substituted for nuts). It was as luxurious as it sounds, and I’ve been daydreaming of it ever since. The Death By Chocolate cake is also highly recommended- perfect with one of Vapiano’s Italian coffees.  The dessert portions are especially generous and perfect for sharing or, if you’re like me, indulging in all to yourself. 

Aside from the food being top notch (I’m telling you, their garlic bread is the best garlic bread I’ve had outside of Rome), the atmosphere at Vapiano is really something else.

The restaurant backs into the stunning Manchester corn exchange and is light and airy. What’s really refreshing is the  the feeling throughout dining with Vapiano that you’re welcome, as long as you like. It’s a dining out experience, rather than the rush you in/rush you out we sometimes end up with in other restaurants- particularly in a city centre.

I love everything about Vapiano; the concept, the staff and importantly the food. I’m already planning to go again soon. You should really try it for yourself!

Vapiano has branches worldwide, I visited The Corn Exchange in Manchester. You can find out where the restaurants are and check out the menu here.


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