Blogmas day 1: I don’t like Christmas 

I’ll be blogging for the whole of December. This isn’t an especially festive piece but it’s something I feel the need to say. 

It’s December 1St!  Hurray- let’s dash out to eat, drink and be merry.It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If by wonderful you mean exhausting and overwhelming.

I don’t like Christmas. 

It’s a day of indulgence, presents and expectation with a preamble of weeks of pressure, expense and incessant advertising. I hate the bustle of crowds buying things they might not be able to afford for people they might not like that may not be needed or used. Of course, this isn’t it for everyone but it feels magnified under the microscope of television and social media; hash tags and special offers just sapping out the sincerity of tradition.

But for some, it’s also a period  that reminds us of the space where loved ones should be sat. 

I used to like putting the tree up- my mum’s Christmas trees were the thing of legends. And the present wrapping. And Christmas dinner remains my favourite meal of the year. 

But the hustle and bustle, the echo of the same old songs and the constant ramming of must-haves, must-buys on every available surface feel like a struggle now. And the pressure of painting on a smile sometimes makes my heart ache more than I think I might be able to cope with although, of course, I always do.

I can see how the excitement on the faces of little ones is wonderful and how for one day having everyone together is precious but I just can’t help but not really, truly enjoy it.

Last year we had no tree or decorations and we spent little on gifts and it suited me fine but this year I’ve promised to try. Because not everyone has to hate Christmas just because I do.

And try I will. But that doesn’t mean that the familiar lump in my throat didn’t arise when I read the cards ‘to Mum and Dad at Christmas‘  when I started my shopping recently. 

So please, remember to be patient with us. The naysayers. The miserys. The Scrooges. And whem you’re telling us to cheer up ty to remember that getting through December is all some people can hope for.

And when you’re unwrapping your gifts and eating until your tummy hurts and sitting in front of the fire, toasty and snuggled up please take a moment to remember the ones that find this a difficult time of year.

I don’t like Christmas but I’m trying like so many others; I’m thinking of you all.


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