Blogmas day 2: an A to Z of Christmas 

A handy guide to basically what Christmas means to me. 


Advent – it used to be cheap chocolate and a door hanger cut from the back of the packaging on Christmas eve. Apparently now they’re an actual thing?! 



Did you keep the receipts? Ah the awkward moment someone misjudges your dress size.

Eating. Everything in sight; chocolate and mince pies and sprouts and Christmas cake and Turkey and leftover sandwiches and bombay mix and… you get it 

Family- my favourite bit. Yes they drive you crackers but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Articulate being flung across the room! 


Holidays from an adult a lie in might be all you want this year.Amiright?

Instagram bragging #boydidgood Babe, he bought you the same as all the other chavs bought their basic girlfriends.

John Lewis Advert; am I the only one to think ‘try hards’?

Kissing under the mistletoe 

Letter to Santa- My Dad still has an actual letter I wrote saying I had enough things and to give some other children my stuff. Cutest thing ever or manipulative Suck up? You decide.

Mince pies (did I mention I’m going to review some mince pies later this month? Better eat some then- for research).

Nativity. I’m not bitter but I only ever got 1 of 2 parts; narrator (I was a strong reader) and Inn keepers wife (I hadn’t yer discovered feminism and I cocked up my ONE line).

Organised fun. Yay another festive meet up.

Presents; the real meaning of Christmas. Or something to do with some religious propaganda, I don’t remember  [that was a joke- don’t hate me!]

Quality Street (and the people who a) eat all the soft centres b) return empty wrappers to the box. Animals)

Radio times which is still in business based solely on its sales between the 17th and 24th December annually 

Secret Santa; because I look like the kind of gal thay enjoys a Baileys gift set. 


Under the tree

Vouchers- fabulous idea: exchange money I can use anywhere for money I can use in limited places.

White Christmas 


Zzz – I need a nap after all the festive excitement (and yes, I always regret these things by the time I get to Z. Pointless letter).mas (obviously). 


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