Christmas is over… 

​Firstly,  elephant in the room.  I did not,  as promised,  partake in Blogmas.  I won’t bore you with the details.  I’m very sorry.

Anyway,  we made it. Christmas is over for another year. 

It’s that really strange week between Christmas Day and New Year when nobody seems to know what day it is, the usual presenters aren’t on the radio and you feel like if you eat another plate of party-style food, cheese or turkey-based anything you might explode. You may also have forgotten the feeling of hunger completely or have experienced a day where you don’t look at the time once until you realise it’s after 9pm and you still haven’t brushed your teeth yet today. It’s a very strange week, indeed. 

I tried to hit the sales today but they weren’t right cracking. I ended up drinking tea and writing the beginning of a short story (and this blog post: meta) in the very chilly central library instead, tired of the crowds and the signs of red and white declaring FIFTY PERCENT OFF and MASSIVE Savings. Excuse me but a pound off a pair of tights or a shirt dress with a tenner off (still ringing in at forty five English pounds) aren’t my idea of a bargain.  One clever shop labels it’s slightly reduced goods with ‘it’s a question of need not want’ which is clever advertising,  but again I wasn’t rushing to buy the jumper with a dog in a Santa hat. 

But yes,  it’s nice to put our beslippered feet up, sip tea from our new mugs and indulge in all the chocolate that Santa brought and needs to be eaten, in this very odd week between December 25th and January 1st. 

Speaking of which, the amount that I don’t like Christmas is almost the exact amount that I love a New Year

There’s something fresh about it. Everything that was has a line drawn under and there’s a palpable anticipation about what the next 12 months are going to bring. 

There’s dedication to resolutions that we may or may not keep.  There’s a clean diary,  to start off neat (and if you’re me, wonder if anyone ever fills in the blood-type details at the front or if anyone has actually used the first page of an organiser to contact someone in an emergency or if they have if that’s ever used now that everything about you can be found using other things you’re more likely to have on you; phone, debit cards, whatever). And there’s the unique camaraderie as everyone shuffles along and moans about January.  I’ll tell you a secret now, I like January but I still agree and exchange knowing looks when someone’s moaning about it. It’s a kind of solidarity I guess. 

I find this time of year a kind of pantomime but if the commercial run up to Christmas is the Ugly Sisters,  a clean page in the New Year is Cinderella.

I can’t wait to set so many resolutions for 2017, what are yours? 



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