2016: We’re out. 

​Happy New Year! 

You already know I love new year– I plan to see it in with takeaway, pyjamas and my wife as has become tradition (apart from 2015 when we were in Reykjavik). NYE indoors avoids the stress of queuing for an hour for a drink,  freezing waiting for a taxi and starting the new year with a hangover;  I’d highly recommend it. Before that we’ll be test driving our National Trust membership (thank you very much,  Dad) and taking a walk in the countryside to breathe in the fresh air.

2017 will be full of adventure now we have a National Trust membership

This year I told the people who invited me out that those were my plans and was surprised to hear them say, invariably, that it sounded like heaven and they’d love to do the same. I implore you to for next NYE, you’ll see what I mean. 

The world seems to be pretty much in agreement that 2016 was challenging (an adjective used alongside ‘boisterous’  and ‘a handful’ to describe a little shit of a toddler by their parents when they’re out of control at asoft play centre). We invited a Racist, Sexist, dangerous idiot who apparently colludes with a country ruled by a homophobe to get into power to rule the free world,  voted to leave the EU (collectively,  I mean – I’m REMAIN through and through and I’ll break my ‘no politics on the blog’ rule to say so), we argued about who should home thousands of people who’d become so desperate they risked their lives to escape their countries apparently forgetting that they were humans too until we saw the heartbreaking image of a little boy lost to the world having drowned en route. 2016 seemed pretty backward to me. If it wasn’t so sad and terrifying you might laugh. 

So,  yes,  challenging

Personally, though, my year has been good. It’s been exciting and it’s been full of positive change. 

I saw in the new year on holiday and later spent a little over a week touring Scotland.  I became a homeowner. I welcomed a new member of the family (Penelope, the kitten we rescued in August.  She is now well and truly part of the furniture and we love her an indescribable amount.) I started writing again (fiction) and went to a women only writing course where I made friends and decided I really want to write a book. I qualified in my career.  I got a new job. I got three payrises. I bought a new car.  I lost 2.5 stone. I embraced mindfulness and started to meditate more regularly.  I was published in Diva Magazine..  I wrote for Buzzfeed. I blogged slightly more consistently than I have done previously. I learned to commute on the train. I read more than I have since I started uni. 

I kind of liked my tiny corner of the world in 2016 and I have high hopes for 2017 (more on resolutions and aims tomorrow). 

How has 2016 been for you? 




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