2017 Come at Me

​As always,  I have a lot of resolutions this year. Invariably I do not keep them, and similar ones seem to crop up, but 2017 will be different. 

Photographic representation of me looking forward to what 2017 has in store

This list was initially much longer.  But I removed clichéd aims like ‘lose weight’,  ‘drink less caffeine’  and ‘worry less’  because I thought that, realistically they might not happen (or might, but yawn who wants to read about another twentysomething having one too many coffees) and, more importantly, because they’re likely to detract from the things I really want to achieve in 2017. And if I lack focus on Day One,  there’s no hope for Three Six Five. 

So,  here we go. 

Clear out my STUFF

I have SO much.  I tried to clear it when we moved house in March but I still have clothes I won’t wear,  make up that’s past its best,  DVDs of pure tripe (I’m looking at the Yoga at home and Sponge bob Square pants Halloween special-the latter I’m not sure even belongs to me) and just generally too many things. 

As I get older,  I need all these things less and less. I want a clearer house and mind by the end of 2017 and part of that will be clearing things I don’t want or need.  

read about a task to clear out your life a while ago but it’s very onerous and proves extremely difficult to stick to in between real life so I’m adjusting it. Working backwards from 52 (anticipating the many commitments of December early so that I’ll only be getting rid of a few items by then) I’ll be getting rid of that many items each week (52 in week 1, 51 in week 2, 50 week 3 etc). By the end of the year I’ll be more than a thousand unnecessary items down (1378 to be precise). My wife is convinced this won’t last, so I’m determined to prove her wrong. 

Shop Less and only buy quality

Ah,  this old chestnut. I’m a tinker for popping into Primark. It might be good to grab a pair of shoes on a bootstrap (pun intended) but let’s be honest; as soon as those shoes see water they disintegrate into nothingness leaving you with soggy toes. But quality lasts. I’m thinking about the pricey-but-worth-it M&S tights we all know and love, decent beauty brands and clothes you’ve had forever but still wear because you invested in the first place. 

I’ve realised that I often fall into the trap of wanting more for my money, at the cost of many of the goods either being of poor quality or simply unnecessary (yes, I’m looking at the skirt I got reduced but that I’ve never really been that fond of and have worn once). This year I won’t be indulging in shopping often but when I do I’ll be buying quality.

Write that book. 

What’s the point of saying my dream is to have a novel published if there is no novel? My chances are slim anyway and even slimmer if there are no actual words on a page to be published. 

In the meantime I want to enter at least 2 short story competitions this year- links to any are always appreciated. 

Say ‘no’ more 

My time is precious. Especially if I’m going to write more, clearer out my junk and do all those other things grown ups apparently have to do like have a career, do the washing, walk the dog.  So why do I say yes to things I’ll spend the next 3 weeks dreading and trying to think of excuses for then either feeling bad for flaking or not really enjoying? 

This aim isn’t to limit what I do but to give me more time for the things I actually want to do. Likewise, the pals that don’t bother to reply to my texts, message first or make any effort with me will find themselves phased out in 2017; they’re a drain on my energy that I can no longer abide. 
Now let me at 2017.

So what do you think? What are your resolutions and aims for the year ahead? 



  1. What great intentions! Like you I have a horde of stuff too! I think for me shopping was a way of rewarding myself and I plan to get out of this habit this year. Your clearance program sounds hard work you could try a carrier bag each week. It doesn’t take long to fill. That yoga at home sounds great!🙃


  2. I could have been reading about myself here ha ha, we have a lot in common! Good luck with your writing too. I’m hoping to up my game this year and submit to a couple of magazines. Love that you’ve linked to the articles you’ve read xx


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