Dreaming about Chaopraya

​This week, the very first of 2017, might have been a challenging one. I’ve heard a lot of people say they’ve struggled with the early mornings (hell, I’ve been up late 3 times. Very nearly missed 4 separate trains), healthy eating/gymming/money-saving/caffeine abstaining seems to be well and truly ON, and it’s cold (in the UK, anyway). Extremely cold. It’s the kind of cold that makes the front of your thighs burn when you even step outside and makes you feel like you might never be warm again. 

So this week I booked my summer holiday- a couple of weeks in Thailand – a part of the world I’ve never been to before – and,  while starting to research all the things I want to do later this year, I’ve been thinking about my visit to Chaopraya in Leeds on Christmas eve. 

I’d been meaning to write about it since, but time relaxing soon fills up (apparently).  

Thai food is my favourite and Leeds has no shortage of good restaurants. Chaopraya has a feeling of being upmarket and, while there’s often offers available, is a bit of a treat (a 2 course meal for two with soft drinks rings in at around £65). There are branches all over the UK and from what I’ve read (though I’ve only been to my closest) all are similar in feel with some being contemporary and others being ‘heritage’  restaurants. Chaopraya offers an escape through fine dining and the atmosphere is fun and relaxed. 

I was a bit gutted that the menu has been changed and made smaller; curries are my favourite and there seemed to be a limited choice. But the lamb massaman that I chose was top notch. Without being cliché the meat was so tender it melted in my mouth and it was spicy without being overpowering. 

I’d started with spring rolls (an obvious choice but these were high quality with more flavour than I’ve had anywhere else)  and tried the satay chicken which is accompanied by the best peanut sauce I’ve had. 

I was looking forward to a dessert but, possibly because my visit was Christmas eve, there was a shortage. I’ll have to go back for that! 

Service was, as ever, attentive without being overpowering and the presentation of the food is also great. 

I’d recommend Chaopraya as a treat and if you’re looking to impress this is a great shout. 

Haave you visited, what did you think? Where else is great for Thai food? 


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