I told my Mum I was going on an RE Trip…

Contact, a creative space for people aged 13 to 30 is the leading national contemporary arts organisation placing young people’s decision-making at the centre. It’s funded by Arts Council England, Manchester City Council, the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities and the University of Manchester and it’s one of my personal favourite places to see productions that leave you with something to discuss.
Not afraid to tackle tough and taboo subjects Contact is shortly to be premiering a show about Abortion; a matter that provokes strong arguments on both sides for a variety of reasons and something that, given recent goings on over the pond, is as live an issue now as ever. 

I told my Mum I was going on an R.E. trip…will be performed by theatre company 20 Stories High at Contact from Wednesday 1st to Saturday 4th February at 7:30pm (and elsewhere across the country, thereafter). 

This verbatim play- taking everything from the words of real people, exactly as they said it- will take the form of speech and music to portray information given by women and men who have been touched by the issue of abortion. Opinions come from both sides of the debate from various positions with a view to a balanced portayal of the issues. It’s bound to be provocative and I’m keen to see how the difficult topic is dealt with using art as a medium.

The all-female performance is written from interviews with in excess of 50 people conducted by Julia Samuels who has written and co-produced the work. Despite the serious topic the play is said to be funny, frank and moving. I’m yet to see the play (and will be reviewing it next month), but there are echoes, to me, of The Vagina Monologue, which I was fotunate enough to see several years ago and have been wanting to see again ever since; serious but fun and apparently pushing the boundaries of discussion of what can be a tricky subject. It’s something to get really excited about.

Tickets are priced £13 (£7 concession) and anyone over the age of 13 is welcome. Grab tickets here or call Contact’s Box Office on 0161 274 0600.


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