Yes Ve-gan have a no-meat meet up! 

I’m, unfortunately, not disciplined enough to partake in Veganuary. All I’d eat is chips and without cheese in my life I’d quite possibly be miserable. A couple of years ago, though, that’s exactly what Sonia Sandhu did; since then she’s embraced a Vegan Lifestyle and even become a pretty talented Vegan chef. 

Sonia cooking up a storm at her first Bradford Brewery take over in December 2016

If you hop on over to her Instagram you’ll see that her dishes are far from sad plates of broccolli or boring chips. They’re healthy, vibrant and look delicious. Having eaten some of it,  I can say it more than looks delicious,  actually. She’s always getting shown off on Buzzfeed and if anyone can inspire you to try Vegan it’s Sonia. 

Recently, Sonia took over the kitchen at trendy Bradford Brewery to serve up lots of vegan goodness to enjoy with a pint. I tried all sorts and even had a naan on the side. My favourite was a toss up between the cauliflower Tikka masala and the samosa chaat; the street food style menu was affordable and delicious and the small plates make trying a bit of all sorts ideal. I hope I don’t come across ignorant by saying I didn’t miss meat at all (yes I am one of those people that says things like ‘I just don’t feel full without some chicken or something on my plate‘). Well feed me some tofu and tell me I’m wrong

Delicious Vegan goodies prepared from scratch

As Bhangra tunes played in the background we enjoyed the food and the atmosphere and didn’t seek a kebab at the end of the night, after all. The food was top notch and everyone seemed to enjoy it. 

At the end of January 2017 (27th from 5:30pm), Sonia returns to take over Bradford Brewery’s kitchen with a brand new menu to try. There’s a guest DJ, too. If you’re gluten free she can cater to that- what are you waiting for? See you all there?


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