Betty at PUSH festival- Review

​Betty is the story of a great grandmother.  And a grandmother. And their lives, their loves, their laughs, their heartbreak. 

Unlike most of us when we tell of those we’ve loved or look back over years gone by the years, although happy,  are not viewed completely through rose tinted lenses. We see Betty’s faults, we hear Carol- Louise-Clare Henry’s,  the actor and directors’, maternal grandmother,  and Betty’s daughter talking about some difficult things. We shared them thanks to Henry’s spectacular performance using mime and puppetry. 
Betty lives in memories and finds comfort in the familiarity they bring. Through use of mask, mime, puppetry and gesture, this one-woman show told by Betty’s great granddaughter, is a journey of love, life and loss. 

Henry, is the artistic director of Fly in your Soup Theatre and has been directing for 6 years- including this. 

Thank you to all involved for this very special performance that had the audience enthralled from the first moments to the very last. 

Betty continues at HOME on 21 and 22 January and you can find out more about this year’s PUSH festival here


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