A Place Called Happiness – Review

​The last show I’d be seeing at PUSH2017 at HOME in Manchester was A Place Called Happiness by Debs Gatenby. You may have caught it previously at Contact (another independent Manchester theatre-one of the things I adore about the city is that it’s brimming with culture). 

Debs had started thinking about happiness but it had brought her down. Being from Yorkshire she told last night’s audience that that was when she thought she’d ‘go up the arse end of it‘. 

The show was a far cry from what I’d seen earlier in the festival- a promenade play and one that used mask,  poetry and mime. It was more frantic and funnier. But heartfelt too, Debs really feels the topic she’s covering. 
At an hour and a half in length it was also longer than what I’d seen before, I’m still unsure if that was planned- we were warned at the start of the show that when encouraged (by laughter) Debs has a tendency to digress. 

We heard about her travels to remote Scotland and the US- I only wish that, while there was plenty of adventures had,  there had been a few more stops covered for is to live vicariously even more. 

At the end of a dreary month (that I’d admittedly been excited about to begin with),  the show is well needed light relief.  You can catch it until 28 January and there’s more about PUSH just here



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