Goodbye,  January 

​Adios January.  Au revoir. See you later.

After the flurry of Christmas I had high hopes for 2017 (it couldn’t be more of a challenge than 2016, right?) Wrong. 

Personally I’ve had a tough and busy month (although some of it has been very fun –  a particular highlight being Push 2017 at HOME). There have been times when I’ve been ready to jump off the hamster wheel and hibernate. 

Globally (without stating the bleeding obvious) it’s been horrible start with the leader of America banning people from arriving from certain countries in a, frankly, racist (and query illegal) decision. Closer to home and the [unelected]  leader we have seems to condone the dangerous man with her silence. Marches and protests are happening all the time and I keep being surprised that if every I follow,  read and speak to finds this all so deplorable,  that it’s able to happen. My wife tells me this is called an Echo chamber. 

So in a month where I’ve actually been very fortunate, I’m telling myself to shut up being so selfish and self centred. So it took a while to get through to that call centre. So you were tired after a busy day at work. So you’d had a bad day. Book up your ideas: the world is big and so are the problems. 

Here’s to February may it have only love and adventure in store. 


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