Narvik – a review

​February started out with a viewing of Lizzie Nunnery’s Narvik (which opened the day before at HOME before it embarks on a national tour). 

The story unfolds looking back on a life lived when a Liverpudian sailor falls for Elsa,  a Norwegian history teacher before the Second World War. But the story isn’t a 2 dimensional boy meets girl story; there’s love, life and heartbreak over the thrilling and moving 80 minutes.  It’s also not an ordinary war tale and takes a close look at the difficulties braved by ordinary people all those years ago.  

The characters have a great depth and one of my favourite parts of the play is that you don’t necessarily feel the way you’d expect to about the protagonist Jim, at times. The play uses original music in a clever and effective way- a feat for Manchester based theatre company Box of Tricks to be extremely proud of. 

The play was critically acclaimed following its September 2015 run in Liverpool and this year it tours nationwide. Catch it at HOME until 4 February and elsewhere where it will play until 25 March.


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