I Told My Mum I was Going on an RE Trip – a review

Right now addressing abortion is even more important than when I told my Mum I was going on an RE Trip was written and produced given that over the pond the recently inaugarated president has signed an executive order preventing US federal money being provided to groups that provide abortion services or advice anywhere inthe world. Some people worry that this is a step to banning abortion in the US; a step that, in my opinion, would not lower the number of abortions but would almost certainly lower the number of safe abortions. 

One in Three women in the UK will, at some point in their life have an abortion but it seems like the last taboo. While this is a topic that everyone seems to have an opinion on (I don’t intend to get into the debate here), there seems to be a lack of education and information around. This play – which follows the real life story of four women, performed verbatim by four actors. I’d been really excited to see it and wrote about it in here

The Liverpool-based theatre company 20 Stories High tackles the subject with incredible tact and honesty. The play is executed fantastically. There was a lot that we are told couldn’t fit into the play including the man who protests outside abortion clinics, the mother who didn’t choose abortion and the story of someone whos mother had forced her to have an abortion. The topic is massive and, of course, not everything could be included but if I had one criticism – and this is not to take away fro the excellence of the play- I would have liked to see some variety in the reason for the women choosing abortion. 

The actors are incredibly talented and held a fantastic presence on the stage. The entire case is the four of them who use accents to portray the various characters they  portray; it’s impressive. When some slight technical issues arose they were dealt with professionally – the show went on.

The production, in association with Contact in Manchester is touring now. Details can be found here


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