​So January’s done and February is well underway.  It’s the month of love [and my birthday- I’m accepting gifts now] and March is a kind of nothing month… Im already excited for April; the weather improving, leaving the house without 15 layers of clothing and, of course, LIVE AT LEEDS on the 29th. 

The Leeds music scene is amazing (and pretty bloody famous, actually). We’re an awfully talented and lucky lot. And the great thing about Live at Leeds is that it’s across loads of venues across the city so there’s something on all weekend that you’ll love at any given time. No wonder it’s the North’s Leading Metropolitan music festival (and with the added bonus of not having to worry about mud up to your waist). 

So, hands up if you’re going. 

Hands up if you’ve heard the announcements about who is playing. 
So you already knew Slaves were playing? And White Lies? And Beasts? 

So now Gabrielle Aplin is joining them (side note I heard her new song from upcoming EP the other day and it was a treat) as well as Rag N Bone Man (yes, the BBC sound of 2017 and winner of the BRITS Critics Choice Award) and loads of others…  I started to list them all here but it got ridiculous. Check out the line up as it currently stands… 

You need to grab a ticket and soon and you can do just here


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