Quick Tea on a Budget- Pappa G’s Egg Curry

One of my favourite quick meals is Pappa G’s Egg Curry. Pappa G is my Dad. 
It’s cheap andquick to make so when I was set challenged by Lending Stream to share a recipe that costs under £3.00 a head to make I knew it had to be this. 

The ingredients are:

Eggs (2 per person)

1/2 Onion per person

Cherry tomatoes

Spices – chilli powder (half a teaspoon), Curry powder (1 teaspoon), Garam Masala (half a teaspoon)*

Rice to serve with

It’s also mega easy to make (trust me- if I can not cock it up, anyone can make it). 

It’s delicious served up with rice and – if you’re feeling that way inclined- a naan or pitta bread. You might also want to make some home-made Raita with plain yoghurt and a spoonful of mint sauce if you want to liven it up even more. This is a great dish to make for a quick tea but if you serve it up with extras (naan bread, raita and even poppadoms) it can be a fantastic Saturday night dish- get your friends over and dig in with everyone eating for a snip of the price of a takeaway!

So – how?

1) If you’re having it with rice bring the rice to the boil before taking the next steps

2) Fry the onions and tomatoes in oil or low-cal cooking spray for about 5 minutes (or until soft)

3) Add the spices and stir in well

4) Cook for 2 minutes then whisk the egg (add a drop of milk if you wish) and add it to the pan

5) Cook on a low heat – and keep the egg moving, like when making scrambled egg- for 5 more minutes

6) Serve onto a plate and enjoy immediately
Let me know if you try it and what you think!

*or spices to taste – this makes quite a mild curry. 


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