Girl Gang Manchester #2: Bridesmaids, A review 

Most weddings, I find, to be self indulgent and riddled in stains of patriarchy as the bride is given away, vows to honour her husband and we listen to speeches from lots of men (confession: I actually do quite like the speeches) but Girl Gang Manchester threw a wedding like no other this weekend in Castlefield’s 53Two. I wish every wedding I got invited to involved more crafting and female unity. 

I talked about what was on here and the event didn’t disappoint. 

Aside from the excellently executed theme complete with chocolate fountain and photobooth and the ace workshops (I made a paper flower and even as a usual craft-failure I succeeded, I learnt about self-love and-initially reluctantly- tried my hand at comedy improv. I’m not joking when I say I’m seriously considering taking a 10 week course, now), I found something I’d not expected. A sense of belonging. Girl Gang seems to be a place that friendship is fostered. As an adult I often wonder how we are expected, outside of work, to meet people you have something in common with. What I found was a group I have a lot of shared values with although I am gutted not to have switched Twitter handles with them (shout up of you’re reading this!) 

The immersive screening was such a cracking idea and just before the film the introduction from Dr Kirsty Fairclough which gave us all some food for thought and throughout the evening actors from Pull Your Finger Out Productions delivered iconic lines before a performance immediately before. 

Everyone who attended left with a party bag complete with sugared almonds (like at any wedding worth its salt) and a Girl Gang mix CD full of kickass women. 

I didn’t see anyone who wasn’t having a cracker of a night. Thank you to Girl Gang for impeccable organisation and an awesome Saturday night. 

I really can’t wait to see what Girl Gang have got up their sleeves for their next event. 


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