Live At Leeds – Ones I can’t miss

We all breathed a sigh of relief when temperatures in Yorkshire soared into double figures earlier this week. I quickly discarded my Parker and got ready to kick off my Chelsea Boots. Of course, by Friday we were reminded that it was still March and actually you’d still be needing your jumpers and coats, thank you very much. 

But despite being battered with cold rain on my commute that little taste of spring and the lighter mornings and longer days got me really excited for summer and for Live at Leeds at the end of April. It’s just around the corner now! Not going to lie I even started tentatively considering outfits. 

Then I got to properly browsing the whole line up. Which is extensive to say the least. Sure I’d had a flicker through it but there are so many amazing acts that it took me some time to drink them all in. Some of the artists I was already familiar with and some I wanted to dig around in the back catalogues of and decided to list the top ten I’m most excited for. This list isn’t in a particular order and there are others I also really can’t wait to see but listing them all was just getting silly, frankly.  

You might notice – as I did-that this features a lot of female frontage. It wasn’t intentional… What can I say? I obviously have a type. 

The Orielles

Aside from being from the little pocket of the world that I now live The Orielles are bloody brilliant.  They’re actually playing in Hebden Bridge (at the acclaimed Trades Club where I always recommend keeping an eye on the coming soon page ever since missing Laura Marling there a few years ago. Don’t worry, that’s now been remedied) the week before LAL if you fancy a head start on them. 

The Orielles are always on BBCR6 and I loved them from the first time I heard them. They’re one of those bands that make you stir your tea a little bit too much because you can’t leave the kitchen without knowing who sings this amazing song. 

Be Charlotte 

A pint sized Scottish hero who raps, beatboxes and sings. Just awesome. 

The Big Moon

I heard this band a few months ago and immediately thought of Marina and the Diamonds (first album, my favourite). Since then they’ve cropped up all over and I’ve regretted not seeing them in Manchester because of commitments on gig day and not writing that ‘bands I know will be big in 2017‘ post I’d intended to back in December. So this is my chance. And I won’t miss it this time. 


Do they need an introduction? I’m dead excited to feel the energy these poets bring to Leeds. I don’t know if I’m hard-core enough to make my way to the front but I do know that they’re not to be missed. 

Dream Wife 
If catchy Feminist lyrics paired with something that’ll have you tapping your toes and listening on repeat are your thing catch their new single Somebody. They were The Guardian’s Band of The Week in February and are flipping cool. They’re the type of girls I’d be if I was cool enough to carry off an edgy haircut. I thing that’s what being a mishmash of Brighton and Icelandic does for you. 

Fickle Friends 

Having been critically acclaimed since their first single 3 years ago yet another Brighton born band are creating amazing, toetapping sounds. The 5 piece will have us all dancing away next month! 


Remind me of Garbage. The Scottish duo have an accent when they sing which is always a win for me. 

Slightly slower paced than some of the other choices I’m looking forward to something stripped back from Laurel who’s voice is haunting. Imagine a more grown up Birdie

Styling themselves on Fleetwood Mac where could they go wrong? I love the tone of the voices of this band and so will you if you’re into the likes of Florence and the Machine and Fleetwood. 

Pale Waves

Are ones to watch. Manchester based like so many of this fine nation’s musical talents. They share a label with the 1975 and have a similar sound (even though I’m not a 1975 fan). The catchy first single is out 2 days after Live at Leeds so you should catch them and get ahead of the game. Like I am. 

Little secret about me:I love a plan so I’m excited to find out the times this little lot are on so that I can organise my day and make sure to see them all.



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