Do about me pages make your mouth go dry too? 

Right, I’m Laura. I scribble around on this page (which used to be known as something else, I was and still am very much learning as I go). I also write for some others and might link to them sometimes. 

So I’m a blogger (erratically- I’m trying to get better/regular). I also have a proper job. I like my tea milky but strong – no sugar, sugar, I’m sweet enough. I like pizza. Stop that, I like any food. I don’t like people who moan (but I moan a lot). I complain if things aren’t right, we all should. I liked tea and cakes before tea and cakes were a thing. I like cats, all cats. I think the internet is responsible for the rise of cats. I meditate (another thing that’s getting trendy). I’m never intentionally trendy. I’m gappy toothed, chubby faced and freckly and I’m okay with that. I can’t get a shower without soaking the entire bathroom. I prefer early nights to late mornings. I have an obsession with long running bbc medical drama Casualty and never miss an ep. I don’t drink much, but when I do I’m a total lightweight. I read slowly, cos I do the voices. I’m always texting. I like good manners. I like to travel/I want to travel more. I’m an obsessive planner, but I change plans, loads. I can’t walk in heels. I can drive, but passing my test took 8 times. I’ll never give up. You’ll like me in spite of yourself, just watch.